Lt Huff and his patrol car

This is my Grandfather -- from the first time that I could understand what he did for a living I wanted to be a cop. He started with the Highway Patrol in the 1930's. The car above is one of the first marked cars that the Patrol had. This is a 1952 Ford. This picture was taken in Charleston, S. C. and soon after that, he was promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to Greenwood County. In the center grill was mounted a Red light -- this model Ford came with a bullet there, and a Red light in the back window. Highway Patrol was written on the Hood and also across the roof above the Back glass. You see how "Hi-Way" was spelled! After a while, and a lot of letters from an English teacher telling them that it was incorrect, they changed it.

1952 Highway Patrol Car

Lt. Huff

The South Carolina Highway Patrol was originally organized as a division of the S. C. Highway Department. During the first year, there were sixty members of the Highway Patrol including a Captain, an assistant to the Captain, seven Lieutenants, forty-nine officers and eleven license inspectors. Today the Highway Patrol comes under the Department of Public Safety, and they have more than 900 commissioned State Troopers and 160 communication and civilian support personnel.

My Mother on the Motorcycle

The first vehicle that my Grandfather had was a Motorcycle with a sidecar. This is a picture of my Mother sitting on his Motorcycle.

Highway Patrol Class

This is a picture of the first Highway Patrol Class.

Me & my Grandfather

Me & a young girl

This is a picture of me (The one with the curly hair. Sure wish I still had that hair) with my Grandfather, and some young girl, at a football game in Charleston, S. C.